If accommodating in Sihanoukville Cambodia for some days matter you, let’s find out some best places to stay in Sihanoukville so that your travel goes smoothly as wished.

An Overview of Resorts and Hotels in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville has some deluxe accommodations and numerous other guesthouses and beach bungalows to serve the newcomers. The hotel rooms in the town become highly crowded during the festive time; so, it’s crucial to book the room in advance if you come at the public holidays and festivals, or the peak season (from November to March). Especially, in the Khmer New Year event, the prices for hotel rooms increase up to 30% of the normal prices.

In general, Sihanoukville offers the budget hotels ($10 – $20/night), the mid-range hotels ($35 – $85) and the expensive resorts ($120 and above). Most of the budget, mid-range, and upscale accommodation options gather in the four zones namely the downtown, Ochheuteal/Serendipity Beach, Victory Hill, and Otres Beach. Each of these areas has the full range of places for you to stay overnight at Sihanoukville.

Here are the average prices for the kinds of the rooms that you can take into account.

  • The Luxury Options: $150+/night
  • The Superior Options: $80+/night
  • The Deluxe Options: $40 – $80/night
  • The Mid-range Option: $20 – $50/night
  • The Standard Option: $12 – $30/night
  • The Budget Option: <$15/night

So, Where to Stay in Sihanoukville?

After getting informed of the average prices for various kinds of resorts and hotels in Sihanoukville, you may pick up the best-suited options based on your budget.

If your choice is the Luxury Hotel, here are several most fantastic names to consider: Independence Hotel (the first luxury hotel in Sihanoukville), Marry Beach Hotel & Resort, Ren Resort, and The Visnu Boutique Hotel. Each offers the well-appointed rooms to be dedicated to luxury and comfort.

If you select the Superior Hotels, it’s welcomed to arrive at Bao Mai Resort & Casino, Golden Sea Hotel & Casino, Holiday Villa Nataya, Moon Julie Hotel, New Hill Resort, and The Secret Garden. These superior addresses promise to give you the superb relaxing moments with the full-amenity rooms and many recreational facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, poolside bar, etc.

If budget allows you to pay for the family-friendly Deluxe Hotels, just think of these names namely Beach Club Resort, Cubby House – Eco Resort, Golden Sand Hotel, Harmony Home Resort, Marry Beach Bungalow, Sea View Boutique Hotel, and White Beach Hotel.

To save dollars and cents, you may want the list of the mid-range hotels and guesthouses including the Backpacker Heaven, Beach Road Hotel, Chochi Garden Guesthouse, Happy Moon Bungalows, Otres Marina, Win Hill Guesthouse,  Tep Apsara Beach Resort, etc.

At last, for the Standard and Budget accommodation options, you can refer to the hotels named Chez Claude, Golden Star Inn, Lim Hour Bungalows, Done Right, Invito Cambodia, Tiki Club, Mick & Craig’s Guesthouse, and many more.

Within the area of Sihanoukville, there stands a long list of the accommodations for you to stay overnight in this beach town to discover its nightlife in a safe and comfortable manner. Obviously, it’s quite redundant to worry about where to stay in Sihanoukville in day and night because there are dozens of alternatives for you to select according to the self’s budget and favoritism.

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