Cambodia owns the intriguing history, culture, and nature for travelers to enjoy over and over. Many people travel to Cambodia more than once. Not only does it have the magnificent Angkor temples, but the country also has beautiful beaches that mesmerize the beach lovers. If you’re about to go there, make sure you check in […]

Shopping in Phnom Penh must be an awesome idea when you travel to Cambodia. There are various eminent items to make purchases, from the beautiful and high-quality silk to the silver jewelry. To buy the best clothing, let’s head to the top 7 places to shop in Phnom Penh. #1: Ambre The discerning shoppers and […]

Battambang is a nice city in Cambodia that calls for travelers’ interest. This city is the shining spot on the Southeast Asian tourism map that you should not miss by all means. To answer your questions of why to visit Battambang, here are the 5 most reasonable answers. Battambang is, in fact, ignored by some […]

Cambodia has the beautiful beaches, green and primitive forests, impressive mountains, mighty Mekong River, hard-working people, and diverse cuisine. During your travel to this homeland of the Angkor Heritage, savoring the delicious food is the indispensable joy. The Cambodian foods reflect some influences from Vietnam and Thailand, but the importance is that they are very […]

Kampong Cham in Cambodia is the third largest city of the country. This city has proximity to Phnom Penh, and functions as the significant trading and transportation hub. Tourists today have known about Kampong Cham and visited it on a daily basis. Though the destination is noted for the countryside scenarios, it is also charming […]