The quality of silk in Cambodia has been improved in recent years, and Takeo Silk Village Cambodia is a cradle of the premium and beautiful silk items that you’ve ever wanted to find. Not only does Takeo Cambodia preserve the pre-Angkorian temple ruins of the 5th – 8th century, but this province is also recognizable for the brand of Takeo silk.

A Glimpse of Traditional Takeo Silk

The silk weaving trade had been emerged in Cambodia during the 13th century and developed along the banks of the mighty Mekong River. History said that this trade was grown the highest in Cambodia in the 1960s but later decreased quickly due to the war damages. After people were liberated from the Pol Pot era in 1979, and to the early 1990s, the silk weaving trade in this country was restored and grown to the present day.

Phnom Penh has almost every kind of silk products made in other regions of Cambodia like the silks of Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Siem Reap, and Takeo. Especially, the Takeo silk is famous for the high quality and special pattern which are on top of the nationwide silk products. In particular, Takeo province was the place with the most developed trade of silk making in Cambodia, during the 1990s and 2000s. At that time, the entire province owned nearly 50.000 handlooms. The traditional Takeo silk has been famous for colorful patterns and smooth fine cloth or sewing thread that win praises from the first touch or contemplation.

Most of the customers agree that the Takeo silks in recent years have been improved much, in both silk quality and motifs. The notable designs have the motifs of the Banteay Srey, Bupha Angkor, rice field, harvested yellow rice, crab, etc. The Takeo silks can be tailored for the casual cloth or the special items of Cambodia such as the scarf, Sarong, traditional costume, and more.

The traditional Takeo silk products in Cambodia

The traditional Takeo silk products in Cambodia

Highlights in Takeo beside silks

This province in the southwest of Cambodia also owns highlights of the pre-Angkorian temple ruins. If you have some leisure time, then spend it in exploring the 10th-century Wat Neang Khmao, the 11th-century Phnom Chiso Temple, Chruos Phaork wildlife conservation area, and the Angkor Borie town. Around 77km from the celebrated Phnom Penh, Takeo is accessible by bus and taxi which encourages the actual visit. Once known as “the cradle of Cambodian civilization,” Takeo is historical and intact enough to preserve the most genuine and brightest silk of Cambodia.

Cambodia Village Tour to Takeo

With Cambodia Village Tour to Takeo, particularly in Prey Kro Bas District, travelers have opportunities to meet the genuine and traditional silk village of Cambodia highlighted with various colorful silks and workshops on the spot. Nowadays, the traditional workshops have been being preserved and developed to serve tourism. In fact, local women can handloom at home to earn some money while cooking and doing house chores. Most teenagers have left the village to work in the factories, and only several families keep their traditional silk trade. This also drives the number of handlooms to reduce to 10.000 pieces, equivalent to a fifth of the number in the year of 2000.

There are attempts to protect and grow the tradition of silk weaving and making in Takeo. This aims to attract more and more travelers to Takeo Cambodia, who buy the silk product and introduce it to the international markets. Visit the silk village in Takeo, buy for yourself the soft and beautifully-patterned silk scarves and Sarong which come in different designs for both traditional and modern needs. This also brings the enjoyable journey of culture in which you meet the Cambodian artisans and get to know their traditional trade.

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