Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992, the Temples of Angkor or Angkor Archeological Park includes dozens of temple ruins. The art and architecture of the ruins are very significant, and they leave the visual influences on humankind as many other wonders of the world such as the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, and Machu Pichu.

An Introduction to Angkor Archaeological Park

Built between the 7th and 11th centuries ago, the Temples of Angkor was mainly designed to worship the Buddha and Hindu deities. There is a notable site preserved well in the area: Bayon Temple, which settles within the fortified city of Angkor Thom. The Temple is highlighted with over 200 hugely carved faces whose eyes were staring down. Another significant landmark to explore is Angkor Wat – the grand temple complex devoted to Vishnu in the beginning of 12th century. Most of the ruins here are dominated with the awesome carvings which describe many religious stories and daily life scenarios.

The historical Angkor Archaeological Park was revealed to the capital city of the ancient Khmer Empire. It was the home of more than a million of inhabitants and about a thousand of temples. The temples were originally devoted to the Khmer Gods, but now many of them were converted to the Buddhist worship. The harmonious combinations of sun, rain, wind, historical sandstone blocks, and mysterious carvings make the ruins of Angkor outstanding in the list of must-visit Cambodia tourist destinations.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site grows to be the great inspirations for many so-called historians, architects, adventurers, tourists, archaeologists, etc., across the world. The visitors may come to the land to learn its history and unveil its widespread mystery. There must be something for you to take home when exploring the ancient ruins. Besides, it’s impossible to deny the fact that the ancient temple ruins provide the inspiring landscape for sightseeing and photographing. You find the matchless background here. From the tourist site, the vacationers can easily reach the Tonle Sap Lake (or the Great Lake), and Siem Reap attraction. The easy access and ideal location are the huge advantages of the Park.

Special Notes for Happy Tour to the Angkor Temples

The Temples of Angkor welcomes a number of guests every day. Therefore, the crowds can eventually influence the valuable ruins in some ways. That’s the reason why the tour guides take responsibility for guiding the tourists to understand the significance of the sites. They embrace the historical values of humankind and religion. For the second-to-none experience in the Angkor Temples Tours, you should always follow the guide’s instructions as they know the adequate approaches to reach the temples without affecting any of its faces.

And if you’re wondering about the duration to fully explore the Temples of Angkor, it’s recommended to enjoy the 2-or-3-day tours. Of course, you can decide to stay longer, but 2 or 3 days are enough to walk around, discover, and take note some of the most important features of the destination. Unveiling the mystery of the temple ruins are the specialized mission of the archaeologists. Hence, don’t put the excessive expectation on your discovery tour. Anyhow, perhaps you may find something new and exciting. Who knows? Just experience!

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