What are Thrilling Cambodia Travel Experiences? Kampot Cambodia is blessed with rivers, beaches, and mountains, and have proximity to the Kep Beach City, so Bokor Hill and Kep Beach are the two must-see highlights combined in a Cambodia tour package. In that sense, climbing Bokor Hill and swimming in Kep Beach are the thrilling ideas to carry out upon your arrival at the Kingdom.

People can drive to Kampot through the Cambodia – Vietnam border crossing points, or take an overnight coach/bus to the province. Another fantastic option is to get a flight ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Sihanoukville. And from Sihanoukville, take the 2-hour drive to Kampot which is around 114km away.

Cambodia Travel Experiences: Climb Bokor Hill and Feel the Mystic Atmosphere

Bokor Hill is 1.080m high, and around 10km from the Kampot Town. It is 33km from the bottom to the top of the Hill which is quite curving with eight extreme curves. The scenery on the Hill is misty and picturesque, with lots of flattering corners. In many spots on the hill, travelers can spread the eyes miles and miles to see the stunning Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam. Letting the city bustle and hassle behind the back, the swirling pathway filled with the verdant trees and birds’ songs will lead you to the top of the fascinating Hill. The higher you climb, the mistier and more empyreal the scenery is.

As you might know, Bokor Hill used to be called the “ghost city of Cambodia” and the weird atmosphere can still marvel some thrill-seekers. Check in Bokor Cambodia, you see the old French-built constructions of the 1920s such as the church, post office, hotel, casino, etc., which are left moss-covered, abandoned, and somehow scary. The deserted trails on this hill are still visible on the moss-covered walls and the ruinous sectors. Due to a ramshackle look, Bokor was regarded as the “ghost city of Cambodia” plus many mythical folktales.

After nearly a half of century, in 1993, Bokor was awakened from the sleepy, forgotten city to the appealing tourist attraction. The hill is spotlighted by Bokor National Park, Thansur Bokor Highland Resort with the 5-star services, swimming pool, casino, karaoke, and various high-end facilities. It’s recommended to visit Bokor in the morning, and you can hire a motorbike to get there or opt for the day packages including attractions to see in Bokor, lunch, and the sunrise sightseeing on Kampot River.

The top things to do in Bokor should include the time in the old church, old casino, legendary pagoda, ancient stone bank, and a boat trip. Besides, don’t forget to do homage to the sacred and giant statue of Yeay Mao situated in the middle of the hill. According to Cambodia’s belief, this Holy Goddess protects people and cars transporting on the hill. Furthermore, discover the Popokvil Waterfall encompassed by the verdant jungle, creating the beautiful settings for sightseeing, picnic, and even swimming.

Bokor is also one fo the best places for backpacking in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel Experiences: Swim in Kep City and Enjoy Crab

Kep Beach in Cambodia

Kep Beach in Cambodia

Kep is a beach city nearby Kampot, which is definitely suitable to be combined in a Cambodia day tour. The beach is famous for the white and soft sand, transparently blue sea, and pure breeze which urge every swimmer to unwind. Just soak yourself in the “majestic” seawater of Kep and feel the refreshing magic when you get out of the water: the totally happy self. And, for the non-swimmers, it’s your chance to savor the yummy Kep crabs, the sour salad, Bok Lahong Khmer (spicy papaya salad), etc. Together with the fresh seafood, this place has the praiseworthy durian and pepper to taste.

So you have a happy day tour in Bokor and Kep Cambodia this way. Carry out this one-day itinerary, challenge yourself by climbing to the top of Bokor, discovering the thrilling sites, swimming in Kep, and eating the scrumptious crabs.

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