Tips for Angkor Wat Bike Tours to Discover Every Corner of Heritage
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Angkor Wat is a big magnet drawing more and more biking fanciers to Cambodia. The temples in Angkor Archaeological Park covers hundreds of the age-old stone structures and the 11th-century architecture for the visitors to discover, especially by cycling. With the mountain bikes and the respectable level of fitness, Angkor Wat Bike Tours in Cambodia offer you one temple every kilometer so that there is no lack of excitement. Besides enjoying the temple tour by bus or tuk-tuk, the do-it-yourself lines are best experienced by biking to Angkor.

7 Steps to Enjoy Angkor Temple Bike Tours

The good itinerary should start in the early morning. It’s best to have the English-speaking guide cycling by your side. The biking journey leads you to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdei, Terrace of the Elephants, etc. On the return, you’re likely to explore Preah Khan, Preah Neak Pean, Preah Rup, etc. Know that the distance from Siem Reap downtown to Angkor entrance is 6km. So now, be ready!

  • Step 1: Rent a bike in Siem Reap. Some guesthouses provide the bike rental service which costs you around USD5/bike, and they might need you to show your passports or some other kinds of identification.
  • Step 2: Buy a map of Angkor Archaeological Park right in Siem Reap, and get the travel leaflet or guide book as well. Otherwise, you can call the reliable travel agents and ask them to arrange an English-speaking and knowledgeable guide to bike with you. It’s always good to have a companion!
  • Step 3: Prepare water bottles, food, walking shoes, sunglasses, sun cream, camera, raincoat (if you come in the wet time), etc. Make sure you have what you might need for the bike trip! Know that it’s very hot in Cambodia.
  • Step 4: Bike from Siem Reap to the Angkor complex and look for the road signs which can definitely help. Besides, use your map to easily figure out the way. For around 6km, you might arrive at the entrance of the Angkor Archaeological Park where to buy the “Angkor Pass” – the admission pass to enter the heritage. The charge is USD$20 / 1-day pass.
  • Step 5: Watch for the sign to first visit Angkor Wat, one of the most magnificent heritages of the world. Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II, covering 162.6 hectares. This UNESCO site delivers numerous photography opportunities, especially during sunrise and sunset. But know that this masterpiece is mostly crowded with the visitors, and the peak seasons are October – January.
  • Step 6: Pick up the short route of 7km approximately, through Angkor Thom City and Ta Prohm. Continue cycling to reach Banteay Kdei and take your time stopping by some small temples along the journey. Remember to drink water to avoid dehydration. If you like, challenge yourself with the long route of 12km from Angkor Wat through Angkor Thom to Ta Som, Pre Rup, Banteay Kdei, etc. Look at your map and decide what attractions that you would love to see by cycling!
  • Step 7: Head back to town on your preferred routes.

Riding among the temples of Angkor is so unforgettable and exciting that adventurers worldwide love to experience. You can book the full-day cycling tour to Angkor or do it on your own. Whatever channel you choose, own arrangement or with a Cambodia tour operator service, the heritage complex provides lots of surprises throughout the happy bike trip.

Biking to Angkor Wat – More Tips for You!

The unique escapade by biking to Angkor Wat will be one of the most exciting experiences that you’ve ever had in Cambodia. It should be more enjoyable if you put some of the following tips into practice:

  • Select the right type of bike: Often, people love the ones with multiple gears and baskets in the front.
  • Know what destinations to see: As the park is vast, it’s important that you’ve already picked up which temples to visit. Of course, Angkor Wat must be present in the list. With your bike, it is easy to access the less touristy yet more marvelous sites.
  • Bring some extra clothes: Biking in the Cambodian sun results in lots of sweat which drives you to need the other clothes to change, and excellently, you have it! The available toilets around the park might function as the locker rooms.
  • Prepare enough water. Know that you can buy bottles of water from the vendors along the route. Things are more expensive in the park than in town, but bargaining is still working.
  • Have lunch in the park. Don’t worry as you can find some restaurants around the corners of the Angkor that serve the Cambodian dishes. For the Western flavor, check in Angkor Café.
  • Head back to town around 5:00 PM. This is the comfortable time to bike back to the town when the sun starts to mellow. Also, cherish the magical view of the sunset over the Angkor heritages.

Cycling to Angkor might give you the tired legs, but it’s absolutely exciting and unique. There are some corners that people, who travel by tuk-tuk, cannot stop by, touch and experience. But before you decide whether to bike or not, it’s necessary to exercise to have the foremost condition: a good level of fitness for the bike trip. At present, even remote roads in Cambodia have been being paved which makes the country competent for cycling. Go to the Angkor on a bicycle to discover something that might not available online or in the book, and check for yourself what is special about the Wat appeared on the Cambodian national flag as well as the national pride.

The key of the Bicycle Tour to Cambodia is to enjoy pedaling in the peaceful settings and being free to stop by any ancient temple that captivates you. Just let the Angkor heritage surprise you along the bike trip, and gather as many interesting experiences as possible. Use bikes to visit the Angkor Temples soon as biking include no boring second!

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