Cambodia has some excellent beaches for diving as well as scuba diving, and you will never displease with what the nation’s beaches naturally offer. Sihanoukville Beach is the most outstanding destination in Cambodia where the beach lovers gather to enjoy such exciting water sport. The activities of diving and scuba diving leave the diver with the unbeatable experiences. You will soon admire the reefs and rocks of the islands and beaches in Cambodia.

The Diving Centers in Cambodia

It’s crucial to get knowledge of the diving centers in the beach destination that you intend to go. If you’re in Sihanoukville, the significant diving centers to contact are the Eco Seadive (, Scuba Nation (, and Dive Shop ( These diving centers mostly offer the local trips towards with the scuba diving attached to the nearby islands as Koh Rung and Koh Kon, which are visible from the Sihanoukville Beach. It takes around three hours to reach the dive sites.

Besides, there are some dive trips to the far-off islands as Koh Tang and Koh Prins (taking 4-to-8-hour boat trip), which cover the overnight option. As usual, the boats will depart in the early morning for the cool dive. Also, the night dive is possible. And, the overnight stay often includes the camping on the beach hut or resting in a bunk on the dive boat. Some of the best dive sites (featuring the 30-to-60-feet depth) are added to the tour’s itinerary. For the deeper scuba diving, the tourists should sign up for the overnight accommodation to the distant islands in which the dive sites have the depth of 130 feet.

Diving and Scuba Diving in Cambodia to Enjoy Sea life

Among the rocks and corals of the dive sites in Sihanoukville and Cambodia, in general, there are many kinds of fish like the puffer fish, coral-munching parrotfish, lionfish, spiny scorpion, cruising barracuda, and ink-squirting cuttlefish. Besides, the divers can see the crabs and octopi that hide in the crannies of the reefs. Interestingly, it is found that the stingrays tend to hide in and glide along the sandy bottom. What could be more authentic than diving and scuba diving to enjoy such the rich sea life? Such experience is wholesomely incomparable at Cambodia Tours.

Evaluate the Sea Conditions of Cambodian Dive Sites

The temperature of the seawater in Sihanoukville is consistently warm. Along with that, the sea life is quite diverse and variable. Typically, the storms may occur during the monsoon season (from July to September). During the dry season (from October to June), the seawater becomes ideal for diving and scuba diving as the water is much clearer than expected. On several dive sites, the visibility degree even increases to 80 feet.

Therefore, the tip for the satisfactory diving and scuba diving in Cambodia is to go in the dry season lasting from October to June. This optimal time frame allows the divers to dive with the highest level of visibility. Then, the period from June to March normally features the higher degree of heat as well as humidity.

Overall, the Cambodian beaches don’t have the strong water currents. And, the degree of visibility ranges from 30 feet to as deep as 80 feet. These natural conditions effectively contribute to the seamless diving experience ever.

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