Tips for Motorcycling in Cambodia – Cambodia Travel Tips
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Rent a motorbike to explore a Southeast Asian country independently is what many adventurers prefer. Motorcycling in Cambodia provides the different experiences in riding on the challenging terrains, reaching the hidden yet charming corners, and getting the real interaction with the locals by asking for the routes, for example. So if you choose Cambodia as the destination for a motorbike trip, then make use of the following Cambodia Travel Tips.

Rent a motorbike in Cambodia

The international bikers can only drive a motorbike in the country with the international driving license. Also make sure that your travel insurance covers the article of motorbike accidents, just in case. In Cambodia, there are two options for a foreigner to rent a bike: from the local or from the expat company. If you rent from the local, when the bike is stolen, broken, or you get involved in any crash, then you will have to pay for the damages on your own. This means the first channel is often cheaper and riskier than the second one. By working with the foreign business, you might need to sign some papers and this ensures you to get the insurance as well as the customer service. Phnom Penh is the best place to rent a motorbike in Cambodia.

Choose the popular motorbike model

The best recommendation is to use the ones of Honda. By driving the common motorbike model in the market, if the bike breaks down, it’s quite easy to fix or replace the parts during the journey. Therefore, if the renter asks you what kind of bike that you would love to rent, the answer should be Honda. Believe it, you won’t make a wrong choice.

Motorcycling in Cambodia (Photo credit Ride Expeditions)

Motorcycling in Cambodia (Photo credit Ride Expeditions)

Require a helmet

Though you might notice that most of the local people do not wear helmets while driving in a crazy way, do ask for a helmet when you rent the bike. As driving embraces the unpredictable danger, there is no reason to place yourself in the risky situations. Hence, for the sakes of yourself, remember to wear the helmets before you turn on the motorbike key. Also, without the helmet on the head, you will be stopped and fined by the police. Try to avoid this popular excuse for the local police to fine the foreign bikers. It might be not the matter of money, but this uncomfortable fine can make the biking less delightful at all.

Use one bike per person for the long drive

With the restricted space, dust, and the semi-paved roads, Cambodia is not the right place to ride with a companion behind you. Especially during the long trip, you will feel sorry for the bike to carry the two passengers and move slowly. So if you have a plan for the long drive, just rent one bike per passenger. But if you just drive a short distance, having the partner sit behind makes the experience enjoyable, and certainly, you feel more secure to drive better.

Bring the passport photocopies with you

As usual, the renters require the foreigners to leave their passports at the shop to prevent the theft and the unpaid damages to the vehicles if any. In this case, remember to ask for the photocopies of the passport. Also, you can make the photocopies even before you come to the shop to rent the bike. It’s a big must to carry the papers with you so that police and someone else know who you are, where you come from, etc., If your motorbikes are stopped by the police, a must to show them is the photocopy of your passport beside your license.

Motorbiking in Cambodian Countryside (Photo credit Ride Cambodia)

Motorbiking in Cambodian Countryside (Photo credit Ride Cambodia)

Watch the street signs

There are many vehicles on the roads, so when you are riding a motorbike, look for the street signs telling where to turn left or right, where to meet the sudden U road, or where to face the dangerous segments. Therefore, ensure that you look at the signs on the streets, and comply with the traffic rules as much as possible. This is to keep you safe and to avoid being fined.

Wear the appropriate clothing

The best outfit includes the long sleeved T-shirt, long trouser, and a scarf. It’s very hot in Cambodia, so try to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Buy a tube of sunscreen before you get out, and put it on your face, the hands, or any body part being exposed to the sun when you are motorcycling.  Use the scarf to cover your mouth because it is quite dusty there, and you will not want yourself to be beaten by the dust. Thus, come prepared with this ideal outfit. What’s more, if you motorcycle in Cambodia during the rainy season, always put the raincoats in your backpacks.

Have a good paper map

In some remote areas, the smartphones cannot get the signals and cannot help when you are feeling that you are going on the wrong way. In that case, the good paper map turns to be very useful. Besides, you are able to ask the locals for the directions to the destination. Both channels can help in the region where smartphones lose their power. If you are lost, it is best to stop to look for the route on the map or ask the locals to get support.

Know the common fine to give the police

If you cannot avoid the police and get fined because of whatever reasons, then know that you are going to give them from one to five dollars. In that situations, understand that the matter is a few dollars to continue the journey. Try not to haggle or pick a quarrel with them just like in the market. The experienced bikers know the how-to well.

Keep in touch with the bike renter

Provided that the bike is suddenly broken on the roads and you have to get it fixed, then it’s always an excellent idea to ask the mechanic to call the renter. The purpose is that you might get the reasonable deal when the mechanic and the renter agree on the solution to solve the bike problems. Note that the minor fixes can only cost a few dollars.

So now you get the tips to motorcycle in Cambodia. Carry them out, and your motorcycling tour to Cambodia will become as smooth as wished.