Cambodia is a neighboring country of Vietnam. Travelling to Cambodia is one of the most attractive and developing places in the world. The country is listed on the top 5 cheap-price places of travel in Asia. If international tourists can pay a visit to Chiangmai or to Vientiane in Laos, they will visit to Phnom Penh first when coming to Cambodia because of ancient heritage, stunning temples.

Do not miss Popular Destinations in Cambodia if you have a chance of coming to this country: Angkor Wat-Angkor Thom Temple, Siem Reap city, Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda, Sihanoukville Port City, Preah Vihear Temple.

Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat Temple and Angkor Thom Temple are in Siem Reap Province, away from Phnom Penh approximately 320 kilometers to the North. They are one of the most important heritages in Cambodia and considered as a Khmer people’s wonderful art architectures. Angkor Archaeological Park contains magnificent remains of different capitals of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15 century.

Main temples built like a pyramid with five floors and surrounded by a water reservoir creating a square with 1.5 kilometer in length. The building decorated with old patterns, sculptured pictures on the wall along lobbies and Apsara women dancing. Angkor Archaeological Park recognized as one of the world’s wonders by UNESCO. It is a pride of the Cambodian.

Siem Reap City

Siem Reap is a capital city of Siem Reap Province in Northwestern Cambodia and a popular resort town as the gateway to Angkor region.

Siem Reap is developing fastest as well as most attractively of Cambodia with many old temples, busy night malls and a large system of standard hotels, resorts and restaurants. Besides, the city also has stages to perform traditional Apsara dances, silk farms and rice fields, souvenir and handy-craft shops, etc. Siem Reap is today becoming a popular tourist destination of Cambodia.

Royal Palace and Gold Pagoda-Silver Pagoda

Gold pagoda and silver pagoda are both located in Cambodian’s Royal Palace of Phnom Penh city. Royal Palace Cambodia is a set of buildings where royal family lived. It was built over one century ago to serve accommodation for King’s family and foreign guests. The palace is also a place to held meetings of officials, diplomatic forms and royal ceremonies. Coming to royal Palace, visitors will have a chance to eye area of King reading books, holding important events, etc.

Leaving Royal Palace, visitors turn their rights and they will get to Silver Pagoda. There are a lot of tourists misunderstood that the name of the pagoda is Gold pagoda silver pagoda or such two pagodas. The reality is just one. At Silver Pagoda, visitors can foot on pieces of silver with weight of over 1 kilogram or admire a variety of huge statues created from different types of gem, etc.

Especially when tourists come to visit the palace, they are not allowed to wear shorts, shirt armpits and slippers. This expresses respect and solemn to Kings who passed away.

Sihanoukville Port City

Sihanoukville is also called Kampong Som which is a port city, a coastal resort under Thailand Bay. What the beach attracts tourists here is white-sand beaches, tropical islands that is very suitable for short-day holidays.
The beach is quite calm. Especially, Beaches here have no rocks, corals and shells on their sides. It is the most ideal beach and unique one of Cambodia. Besides taking a bath on beach, tourists can also explore Ream National Park with over 21.000 hectares in width and Victory Hill high 60 meters, etc.

Preah Vihear Temple

Preah Vihear is a very famous Khmer temple. It is sited on the top of 525 meter- height cliff of Dangrek Mountain between border of Cambodia and Thailand. This is one of architectures remains from 11th-12th century to now.
The temple is a complicated and precise masterpiece of sculptural architecture. People come here for worship of Shiva gods in Hinduism.

Cambodia is a city with numerous tourist attractions. So why do no you buy for yourself a ticket to explore this ancient country right in this summer. We hope you will have an exciting trip of coming to the country. Cambodia welcomes you!

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