Top Activities for Travelling in Cambodia with Kids
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If you are considering about things to do with kids in Cambodia, the country does offer a lot! Ranging from ancient complex of temple ruins and magnificent waterfalls, to lush vegetation and eye-catching beaches. Furthermore, it’s worth remembering that the Khmer are some of the happiest, most generous and genuine people on Earth who very love children. So, your kids will have a meaningful time while in the country.

So, for some parents who think that Cambodia may not be considered a family-friendly vacation destination, this turns to be a big mistake. Do not strike it out from the list of the perfect lands for their children to learn and explore. The following are top activities for children in Cambodia that surely keep everybody joyful and entertained.

#1: Experience an ox-cart ride around Siem Reap

The best way to help your children understand Cambodia’s countryside life and enjoy fresh air is to bring them to an exciting ox-cart ride. Located around 16 kilometers outside from Siem Reap, Kompheim Village is an excellent option for your travel since this small village is where lots of the farmers and itinerant workers live and work. During the route to the village, visitors have a chance to admire the rural beauty of the countryside, like palm trees, rice paddy fields, plain villages, smiling locals, etc. Don’t forget to let your beloved kids enhance their experience by taking part in a few fun countryside activities, such as weaving thatch roofs, rice planting, harvesting crops, and so on! Ox-cart ride appears as one of exclusive experiences in Siem Reap tours run by Cambodia Tour Operator.

#2: Have a fun time with flight of the Gibbon

Also known as Angkor Zip- line, Flight of the Gibbon is situated within the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap. It is famous as the only zip-line in the world that surely brings families with kids a lot of unforgettable experiences. In fact, engineered by zip-lining experts, the site strictly meets the world’s safety standards. But, make sure that your children have good health and love thrilling activities. While the view from the zip-line is superbly awesome, the zip-lining across the jungle is extremely exciting. Besides, the guides also point out a stunning spectacle of flora and fauna as well as let them know how to keep the eyes peeled for gibbon sighting along the way.

#3: Relax at Phnom Penh Water Park

Without a doubt, Phnom Penh Water Park is always a flawless spot for children to cool down and play in the hot weather. There are lots of the areas inside, such as a large jungle gym, the area of waterslides, and other shallow areas for smaller kids. The weekend is the best time to check in there as the bigger slides tend to be turned off during other days in the week. While soaking up to the cool waters of the pool, you should inform your children about the use of sunscreen.

#4: Explore Kids City – One of Things to Do with Kids in Cambodia

Kids City Asia in Phnom Penh becomes an integral part of the trip to Cambodia with the little angels. For those who are restless or adventurous, this is a great indoor educational and recreational center for them to try a wide variety of indoor games without feeling bored. There are a number of entertaining and educative activities that cater to kids of all ages. You’ll have no issues leaving your teenage child or kid here as Kids City has everything to keep your family happily busy for the day, from simple playgrounds to Laser Tag arenas. And the good thing is that parents may enjoy with them as well.

Just let your kids grow well with some of the best activities during Cambodia family holidays. The sweet and unforgettable time in Cambodia will later become the valuable memories for the whole family members to cherish.

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