Top Frequently Asked Questions for Backpackers to Cambodia
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Cambodia, after many years of chaos and turmoil, has been eager to roar back to life and make up for lost time. From legendary Angkor Wat and magnificent architectural landmarks to pristine beaches and untouched jungles, each destination has its own charm and uniqueness that cannot be denied at the first sight. That’s why the country has welcomed a number of visitors, from backpackers to prestigious tourists every year.

It’s common that the first-time backpackers to Cambodia are likely to have lots of questions about the country’s currency, customs, food, culture, and even how to get around. If this is your case, then get to know some top frequently asked questions about the Cambodia travel which have been answered well.

#1: Visit Cambodia with no passport – a big NOT!

Several adventurous backpackers might hold the idea of crossing the jungles to reach Cambodia. However, it is an illegal and dangerous way! Backpackers without the passports might face to the risks of becoming a victim of abduction while crossing the forests. The cost for this way is 4 times higher than the one for making a passport. Therefore, make sure you are thoughtful enough to always bring the identification card, the ID-sized photo and the valid passport with you along the journey. This way can keep you safe and the local police and others can identify who you are.

#2: Use a motorbike or car to start backpacking to Cambodia – It’s great!

Due to your budget and preference, take it easy to hire a motorbike or car and drive to Cambodia on the certain routes. There are two ways for novices to start. First, if you travel with a large group in several days, it is highly advised to do paperwork through a travel agency in the country. Second, you can go through border gates by paying the reasonable fees if enjoying a solo travel or going with a small group.

#3: Have some Riels and US Dollars

Although the Riel is the local currency, the US Dollar is also widely accepted and applied in most of the transactions. Credit cards, foreign currencies, and cheques are accepted in some establishments (like hotels and banks) in the major cities. It is recommended to carry a small amount of Riel for low-cost transactions, such as taxi rides or inexpensive purchases. Limit the use of $2 as it is usually denied in many cities in Cambodia, except for Phnom Penh. Of course, ATM machines are now available in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

#4: Eating and Drinking in Cambodia – It’s not expensive at all!

The trip to Cambodia is really suitable for those who are on a tight budget as everything is not too costly, including eating and drinking. See more Cambodia Tour Packages here.

#5: The matter of safety in Cambodia

Although Cambodia is generally known as a safe country for traveling, it is better to take precautions because pickpockets are also present in a few main tourist areas, especially in Phnom Penh. Always watch out for your possessions like cash, cameras, jewel, etc., because you may be snatched by any thief on their motorbikes. Female tourists are advised to go with their groups. It is also important to notice that there are still some areas with unexploded landmines. Therefore, always make sure to stick to marked paths in case you plan to explore rural parts of the country.

#6: Sleep in the tent along the route – Yes, you can!

Of course, you can put up your tent in any area of your backpacking journey without worrying about others’ disturbance. But, avoid pitching it on the military area or other private tourist destinations. It is wise to ask permission for setting up the rent in the courtyard of the local’s house along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask before you do.

The backpacking in Cambodia covers lots of joy, and it will turn to be one of the sweetest backpacking journeys that you have ever experienced. Come prepared with necessary knowledge, pack and go without no delay!