Koh Rong is a paradise island or a lost paradise of Cambodia that can enchant all visitors via its transparently blue sea, peaceful spectacle, exquisite beaches, lush rainforest, and more. About 20km from Sihanoukville beach city, Koh Rong is the most famous island of Cambodia that preserves the pristine beauty. Previously, the destination owns the wooden guesthouses encompassed by the lush rainforest, and now it is beautified with the top luxury resorts that guarantee your sleep and comfort.

Top Recommended Luxury Resorts in Koh Rong Cambodia

#1: Koh Rong Resort

This seems to be the most preferred splendid resort in the paradise island. It delivers the private beach area for the free swimming, sunbathing, and sightseeing the fantastic spectacle. When dipping yourself in the crystal-clear water, your city stress is vaporized and you become the happy self. Also, none refuses to try relaxing at the ocean-facing swimming pool in which their body and mind are treated wonderfully. So if you book a room in Koh Rong Resort, expect the utmost relaxation and sweet memories in the lost paradise of Cambodia. The ritzy lodging has everything you demand the life of luxury.

Koh Rong Resort - Koh Rong Island, Coconut Beach, around 26km from Sihanoukville City

Koh Rong Resort – Koh Rong Island, Coconut Beach, around 26km from Sihanoukville City

#2: Sok San Beach Resort

This is the celebrated resort to sleep soundly in Koh Rong. The accommodation is upscale and well-amenity with the inspiring beach area for you to get pampered. Believe that you find almost every luxurious facilities and hospitality services in Sok San Beach Resort, and you get what you pay for. The site has been serving numerous international guests who come to Cambodia for tourism, business, or any kind of vacation. In particular, the cast and crew of the U.S. Survivor TV show did choose to stay there while they were in Koh Rong.

Sok San Beach Resort - Sok San Village, Koh Rong Commune, Preah Sihanouk City, Preah Sihanouk Province

Sok San Beach Resort – Sok San Village, Koh Rong Commune, Preah Sihanouk City, Preah Sihanouk Province

#3: Song Saa Private Island Resort

This is the other sumptuous accommodation address to indulge yourself in the paradise Koh Rong Cambodia. The professional hospitality services, ornate rooms, and magnificent views create the perfect rest that everybody desires. In reality, Song Saa Private Island Resort is the unique and only resort with the international 5-star rating in this heavenly island. Not only is it the fashionable place to sleep, but it is also the well-appointed shelter for you to savor the life of joy, comfort, and luxury. If believing that you deserve the elite way of living in a lifetime, do it in this 5-star spot. You see that your money is invested in the worthy experiences at this top barefoot eco-luxury getaway.

Koh Quen Private Island, Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Quen Private Island, Koh Rong, Cambodia

#4: Long Set Resort

This is the modern, superb place to lay the heads. Erected in the 2016, Long Set Resort delivers the high-class rooms, facilities, amenities, and services to please even the most fastidious guests. While the resort rooms are luxurious themselves, the views are incredible overlooking the gorgeous beaches during the day. At night, time turns to be highly memorable and interesting when you can witness the shining bioluminescent plankton and feel the magic.

Room at Long Set Resort - Long Set Beach, Koh Rong

Room at Long Set Resort – Long Set Beach, Koh Rong

#5: Palm Beach Bungalow Resort

This is the private, tranquil, and relaxing getaway to stay clear of city bustle. The time goes by in Palm Beach Bungalow Resort peacefully, and you have to do nothing but relax and rest. Set along the stunning Roh Rong Island, this exquisite accommodation delivers the comfortable and easy place to sleep, refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate. The views are so amazing that you get the inspiration to love life more and live even better. With the private balcony, private swimming area, and various distinct activities of fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc., your beach vacation at Koh Rong is free and easy, indeed. This private and quiet shelter is ideal for couples, honeymooners, and families who want the bustle-free escape.

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort - Prek Svay Village, Koh Rong , Cambodia

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort – Prek Svay Village, Koh Rong , Cambodia

Savor time in both bewitching Sihanoukville and pristine Koh Rong

Nature and people in Koh Rong are so lovely and charming that make this island the existing paradise for vacation and relaxation. Before you see this Cambodia’s top island, enjoy the stop at the beautiful and dynamic Sihanoukville. This beach city is always bustling with various food stalls and night pubs and bars at the beaches. Certainly, the recreational establishments all are open to welcome the international and domestic visitors. Especially at night, Sihanoukville is on its best beauty.

From this beach city, you embark the boat to Koh Rong where delivers lots of surprises. Within the 2-hour boat, you will be mesmerized by the colorful spectacle of Nature, with the stretching white-sand beaches, emerald seawater, luxuriant vegetation, splendid resorts, etc. These elements ignite your spark of interest so that you want to discover things by scuba diving or fishing. Sometimes, simplicity makes happiness, and this is true in Koh Rong. You can simply seat on a chair, view the sea, enjoy the food & drinks, and let soul fly amidst the fantastic seascape; this makes you happy and easy. Also, it is very awesome to immerse yourself in the cool, blue water, sunbathe on the smooth white sand, and stay friendly to Nature.

Sleeping in the pristine Koh Rong brings the memorable experiences, and it becomes perfect if you can afford the stay at the Top Luxury Resort. Kong Rong Resort, Sok San Beach Resort, Song Saa Private Island Resort, Long Set Resort, and Palm Beach Bungalow Resort, all are the smart recommendations that you should always try at least once. Koh Rong – The Lost Paradise, never fails to enchant you and everybody; that is why lots of people travel to this island over and over again. There are countless stories and pictures about this paradise for you to feel if you are interested in the pure and gorgeous destination. Book a room in any of the top 5 Koh Rong Resorts above so that your trips become one of the most beautiful life phases. Contact sales@indochinacharmtravel.com to book Top Luxury Resorts at Koh Rong Cambodia et best prices!

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