Top Things to Do in Battambang Cambodia – Activities You Should Experience
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Checking out all top things to do in Battambang Cambodia exhilarates the international backpackers and vacationers to gather at this lovely riverside town. Famed for the idyllic and spectacular beauty, Battambang delivers the rewarding ecotourism and adventure which cover plenty of exciting activities. Without the picturesque beaches, skyscrapers or mind-blowing Angkor temples, this remote town owns the pristine nature, peaceful countryside life, and memorable things to do.

#1: Eat Delicious Khmer Food – First Thing to Do in Battambang

Provided that you arrive at the town with the empty belly, then hurry yourself into finding the delectable Khmer food to eat. It’s great to know that Battambang Cambodia does not lack the good systems of restaurants and food carts on the streets. The places to eat in this town range from the upscale to the mid-range and budget levels, which ensure you to taste the yummy Khmer dishes.

The good recommendations are Pomme d’ Amor Restaurant, Lotus Restaurant, Jaan Bai Restaurant, etc. Besides serving the Cambodian dishes, the local eateries also provide the food of France, Vietnam, and Thailand. To better attract foodies, backpackers, and holidaymakers, the restaurants are often designed in a photogenic way because people now want the “so-deep” pictures of food as well as the scenery.

#2: Use a Bike – Great Way to Discover Corners of Battambang

The off-the-beaten-track trails in Battambang are ideal for a bike trip which allows you to reach various interesting corners of the town. On the two-wheel vehicle, you pass the peaceful villages, the long-lasting temples, the extensive green rice fields, and even the unpaved road. The remote and rustic angles of this destination make cycling highly enjoyable. Especially when you are bike alone, you have the absolute freedom to stop by any spot that is in your interest.

While you are on the bike, enjoy sightseeing the special landscape dotted with the French buildings, the traditional Khmer houses, the mystic Khmer temples, and the spectacular riverbank. Assuming that you are nearby the Koh Village, remember to visit Banteay Sat Temple. Biking in Battambang focuses on the values of peace and remoteness.

#3: Enjoy Kayaking – Great Thing to Do in Battambang to View Floating Houses

The riverside town has some floating houses which form the floating village for you all to contemplate and discover. Kayaking is amongst the best things to do in Battambang to feel the local culture and lifestyle of those who live on the water. Paddling toward the local houses and mingling with the Khmer people are the big things you should try at least once.

Also, the blue transparent water and the mesmerizing riverside scenery make kayaking full of the enjoyable moments. The water world in the northwest of Cambodia is famous for its pureness and charm; so, believe that kayaking in Battambang is satisfying.

#4: Climb Sampeou Hill – Fantastic Attraction to See in Battambang Cambodia

Sampeou Hill has an interesting look, in shape of a ship. That results in its name “Phnom Sampeou” which means “Ship Mountain.” About 12km from the town center, this natural attraction is worth climbing and exploring the three untamed caves namely Pkasla, Lakhaon, and Aksopheak. In particular, some of the locals follow the belief in celebrating their marriage in Pkasla Cave which is said to be holy and mysterious. Historically, some caves stored the skeletons of those killed by the evil Khmer Rouge while the others house many bats. For all good reasons, the visitors should get out the caves in Sampeou before twilight.

#5: Experience Bamboo Train – Unique Thing You Must Do in Battambang

Locally called “Norrie,” bamboo train in Battambang delivers the interesting experiences to all thrill-seekers. This refers to the wooden frame linked to the wheels and powered by the tractor engine. A typical bamboo train can carry 10 passengers per time or the equivalent 3 tons of rice. At present, the reinvention of Norrie runs from Banan, which opens the spectacular railway alongside the Banan Hills. The ticket price for this service is USD$5. The new bamboo train promises to be the experiences that you remember most of Battambang. Unique and exciting, this activity lets you feel free to yell out when getting excited and contemplate the green landscape.

#6: Discover Gold Buddha Hill – Place Not to Skip in Battambang

About 60km from the town center, Gold Buddha Hill is the sacred and attractive spot in which you do homage to the gilded Buddha statues and cherish the spectacular hill view. Most of the locals’ advice urge you to visit this indispensable Hill when you’re in Battambang all seasons. If you head on the road to the Sisophan region, make it a point to stop by the Gold Buddha Hill before you see any other attraction. The visit gives you some authentic feel about the Buddhism in Cambodia. Catch the opportunities to pray for the best!

#7: Unwind at Dang Tung Village – Recommended Leisure to Enjoy in Battambang

For some relaxing moments amidst the captivating spectacle of Nature, local villages, and pristine wildlife, just proceed to Dang Tung Village, about 54km from the town center. The ecotourism in this place is abundant and intact enough for you to unwind and forget about the bustling city life. There, you find no bustle and hassle; all things to do are to behold the natural scenery, listen to the soul of the jungle, and interact with the friendly villagers. The nature lovers will definitely appreciate the time they have on this green and remote site.

While the riverside Battambang town pleases the visitors with the matchless peace and easy-going vibe, some great things to do in Battambang Cambodia make your Indochina travel full of the fun memories and inspiring photos. Amongst all of these top activities to do, riding the bamboo train might be the most symbolic, so make sure you don’t skip it! Come to see for yourself why some international tourists choose Battambang, but not the charming Phnom Penh or the touristy Siem Reap or the mind-blowing celebrated Angkor! Travel to find the answers!