Top Unique and Little-known Experiences in Cambodia Tours
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Cambodia is not all about the visit to Angkor Wat. This country also has fantastic settings to stimulate various outdoor activities. Put simply, there is no lack of excitement in this country of mystery. And if you are looking for the unique and little-known experiences in Cambodia, just think out of the box and carry out any of the top things to do in this kingdom as below.

#1: Sleep in a floating tent

If you would love to try sleeping on a floating tent amidst the jungle, then work with 4 Rivers Koh Kong Floating Lodge Cambodia. This is the elegant eco-resort providing the unique opportunities to sleep in the floating tent, watch the wildlife, trek, and relax amongst the pristine rainforest. The luxury tent floating on the river is what many adventurers need to enjoy the Cambodia tours in a unique way. And of course, not many individuals know about this excellent service if they do not check the Cambodia news frequently. The Eco Lodge is also ideal for kayaking to the mysterious caves, listening to the jungle sounds, swimming in the spectacular waterfalls, and visiting the traditional villages. This trendy experience is greatly introduced to the high-budget guests who want to steer clear of city bustle and mingle with spectacular Nature.

#2: Take a Helicopter Tour over the Angkor

While most of the tourists see the renowned Angkor Wat on foot or by a bicycle, you can do it differently with the worthy service of Helicopter Tour. The bird-eye view offers the incomparable panorama of the magnificent Angkor. This unique perspective lets you cherish the religious monument in a different way, the way of the birds. You will be flying over the ancient ruins and evaluate how grandiose and imposing the Archaeological Park is in general. The sacred and significant complex bordered by the moats present themselves fully before your eyes.

If wanted, it’s possible to extend the helicopter flight toward the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. Without a doubt, the bird-eye experience leave you with the rich photo album about the heritage land. From the local monks to the antique architecture, the lotus on the moat, the age-old jungle, etc., everything makes up the enthralling scenery to view from the top.

Take a Helicopter Tour over the Angkor

Take a Helicopter Tour over the Angkor

#3: Come to Discover Ratanakiri

Ratanakiri might sound little-known and even unknown to some overseas guests. And if you ask for the ideal off-the-beaten-track destination in Cambodia, it’s recommended to visit Ratanakiri Province. This place owns the highlights of the stunning volcanic lake, the hill-tribe villages, dreamlike waterfalls, and dense jungles. While the volcanic lake urges you to swim and relax in the cool water, the local hill tribes enrich your cultural experiences in a friendly way.

What’s more, the picturesque waterfalls are for sightseeing, photography, and picnic. And if you want to meet the elephants, they are housed in the pristine jungles of Ratanakiri. Intact and captivating, the local attractions include Beung Yeak Loam Lake, Eisey Patamak Mountain, Cha Ong Waterfall, Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, and Norng Kabat Forest. The journeys to this remote and picturesque destination leaves you the strong impression on the Cambodian countryside landscape and friendly natives.

#4: Zipline over the Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Zipline is the fantastic adventure for the thrill-seekers to the kingdom. After getting full-equipped, you start the Zipline route through the rainforests, over the imposing Angkor Archaeological Park. This experience covers no worry because the harnesses are checked regularly, and it is suitable for both kids and adults. This adventurous activity gives delight to the explorers who are ready to soar on Zipline, pass through the suspended sky bridge, rappel from the towering trees, and cherish the majesty of the jungle as well as the Angkor Archaeological Park. This is the quite thrilling and secure eco-adventure so that you might even fall in love with the pristine landscape of Cambodia surrounding the area of the religious heritage.

Zipline over the Angkor Archaeological Park

Zipline over the Angkor Archaeological Park

#5: Discover Choeung Ek Killing Field

About 14,5km from Cambodia Phnom Penh, this Killing Field is not the place for the chicken-hearted people because of its horrible dark history under the Pol Pot rule. The field is the grave for many victims killed by the Khmer Rouge; history says that there were at least 1.384.734 people slain in the field, resulting in its name as well as frightful atmosphere. The discovery of the thrilling site requires the discoverers to be stout-hearted, careful, and open-minded. Note that there might exist some undiscovered corpses underground, and during the rainy season, the bones can become exposed due to the taken soil. What’s more, the Memorial of 8.000 skulls in the middle of the field is the hard evidence of the Khmer Rouge’s evil. That is, for sure, the unique experience in Cambodia.

#6: Motorcycle in Cambodia

Renting a motorbike to get around Cambodia leaves you with lots of different and exciting experiences. When you overcome the countryside terrains, access the remote yet beautiful angles, and interact with the locals, you fully see how charming this kind of travel turns to be. Make sure you read the tips for motorcycling in Cambodia about the helmet, the fine to the police, passport photocopies, clothing, paper map, etc.

Enjoy the non-duplicate travel to Cambodia

The tour packages often cover the popular destinations of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Cambodia Sihanoukville, Battambang, etc., and lots of common things to do. But if you prefer the unique and even little-known experiences in the kingdom, get the hands-on experiences in any of the top activities above so that your trip never becomes duplicated.

The others will admire how you can sleep in the floating and luxury tent, how you obtain the bird-eye view of the legendary Angkor, how you take pictures of the off-the-beaten-track Rattanakiri, how you complete the Zipline route over the fascinating Angkor Archaeological Park, how you dare to visit the scary killing field and how you are confidently riding a motorbike there. Traveling in your own way is the thing that gets the others’ eyebrows raised highly with the “wow” facial and verbal expression. Go now!