People are always advised to transform their life for the betterment, and one of the best effective means of transformation is to experience a new tour. Travelling is powerful. So if you’re about to be on tour, let us take you directly to Kep and Kampot destinations in Cambodia. The two tranquil towns give you the absolute peace of mind and energy as wished.

First Ideas about Kep and Kampot Tourist Destinations in Cambodia

Kep is the seaside resort region in Cambodia, and cover the small town of the similar name that is also the capital of Kep Province. When being in Kep, all of you can choose to head to Kep Beach, Kep National Park, Rabbit Island, Colonial Villas, Crab Market, and Angkaul Beach. Swimming in the sea, relaxing in the Lida Massage, or experiencing the plantation helps you forget all of life anxieties. Around Kep, there are several caves with the small shrines inside. Also, contemplate the beautiful limestone formations in the cave!

Kampot is a little town in the southeast Cambodia, the capital of the same-name province, and also the gateway to Bokor National Park. When you stay in Kampot, you are motivated to feast the eyes with the very fantastic sights, from the rivers to the surrounding hills. The grand views are perfect for the riverside promenade. Besides, there stand many colonial buildings and old fascinating structures for the tourists worldwide to learn about the regional architecture. And if you’re keen on the relatively busy atmosphere, just come to the innovative market of Kampot which is today open for business.

Particularly, here are some of the best tourist attractions in Kampot that you should never miss: Bokor Mountain, Secret Lake, Pepper Farms, Cham Fishing Village, The Old Bridge, The Colonial Railway Station, Buddhist Wats, Teuk Chhou Zoo, and The 2000 Olympic Stadium. The overall atmosphere in Kampot is sleepy and relaxing that makes it the ideal retreat. Experiencing a couple of days in the little sleepy town, at its beach, along the river, or up on the Bokor Mountain, you get the full sense of relaxation.

What to Expect from Your Kep and Kampot Tours?

The Kep and Kampot Tours let all of the tourists discover the two small yet attractive towns.

The Kep in Cambodia is perfect for those wanting to rest, relax, and stay close to the nature. To escape from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh or the religious stay in Angkor Wat temple or the calm stay in the seashore of Sihanoukville, many choose to visit Kep. It is where they get a glimpse of the rural Cambodia with the forested hills, green rice paddies, and immense views of Kep Bay. As already noted, the highlights of Kep are many for you to pick and experience. While Kep National Park is a must, the Rabbit Island provides you with the very new enjoyment.

The Kampot in Cambodia is full of French colonial buildings and old shop houses. Your architectural senses will be fulfilled. How about the evening fire flies cruises on the estuary of the Kampot River and the short excursions to Bokor Mountain? The scenic new experiences are worthwhile.

To follow the trails of peace and indulgence, you should always experience the Kep and Kampot Tours.

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