Unique Experiences in Siem Reap – Watch Circus and Eat Fried Chrysalis
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Siem Reap not only is a gateway to the fantastically renowned Angkor Wat, but the city itself is also interesting with some unique experiences. You can join the Siem Reap Food Tour to enjoy local street food, get lost in the shopping towns, and watch the circus in Phare. If you have 24 hours to discover this city, here are some suggestions for you to get unique experiences in Siem Reap.

The Morning in Siem Reap

Visit the early morning markets in Siem Reap to experience the dynamic business vibe and savor various kind of street food in the eateries along the walking routes. Often, the food tour in this city includes many opportunities to fulfill the stomachs. Make sure you eat “num banh chok” (a kind of rice noodle served with fish), chicken cooked with herbs, pancake with grilled fish, coconut ice cream and dumplings, etc.

The afternoon in Siem Reap

The evidence of the dynamic and lively vibe of Siem Reap is a variety of shops to do shopping in a full afternoon. The top recommended place is Pop-Up where to buy the beautiful souvenirs. Then, go to the multi-function areas of Kandai Village, including the complex of stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and spa. The joyful shopping moments make you forget the habit of taking a nap if any.

What’s more, gather at Trunkh in Siem Reap, you can find various strange items of clothing with the exceptional designs, the silk sarong with dragon depictions, and the handwritten signs. And if you hold a passion for the luxurious silk and tailor-made clothes, come to Neary Khmer to treat yourself kindly with the excellent tailors and light silk. The upscale silk can cost USD$7/meter.

When it comes to the late afternoon, around 16:00, enjoy unwinding at the market world. To recharge your energy after hours of walking in Siem Reap, it’s great to eat and drink at the local markets in the area of Oum Khun Street. There you find dozens of stores selling the groceries, silk handkerchiefs, recycled document keepers, naturally dyed items, souvenirs, and the local specialty – the crispy fried insects. Whether or not you know it, Cambodian cuisine is famous for the fried insect snacks, and the chrysalis is the preferred ingredient.

The Night at Siem Reap

Invest your nightlife in Phare to watch the exciting circus, dancing, music, etc., all are performed skillfully. The normal fare for the circus performances is around USD$18, but if you want a seat close to the stage, then the possible ticket fare is USD$35, plus a cold water bottle. Remember to keep the circus ticket when you leave to buy the handicrafts or drink coffee shops in Phare. The interesting circus performances make Siem Reap nightlife greatly memorable and joyful.

After the Phare Circus, you might feel a little hungry, and it is time to seek for the yummy meals. In particular, you can hire a tuk-tuk (for around USD$2) to reach Marum Restaurant from the circus. This restaurant is where many Cambodian disabled teenagers work, and eating there embraces the merit of charity. There you can order several iconic dishes such as the cracking fried chrysalis served with spicy mango salad, the beef stir-fried with special sauce and eaten with vegetables, goat milk cheese, etc. What’s more, the appetizing dessert of Kampot cake with lemon syrup completes the happy feasting.

Of course, the destination has more to delight the visitors, beside the Phare circus and the Siem Reap fried chrysalis. The getaway to the marvelous temple ruins of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Banteay Srei, and Ta Prohm ensures you to have the exciting 24 hours, and you might wish to extend the days of your travel to Siem Reap.