Phnom Aural is the summit of the Cardamom Mountain Ranges, and also the highest peak in Cambodia. This destination belongs to the Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary, about 150km from Phnom Penh. This roof of Cambodia might sound new to the tourists because it is set in the very remote areas of the country, in which only the passionate trekkers come to conquer the mountains, explore the ethnic culture, and cherish the primitive jungles. So if you would love trekking in Cambodia, do it in Phnom Aural.

The map of Phnom Aural in Cambodia

The map of Phnom Aural in Cambodia

Conquer the 1.831m high Phnom Aural

With the height of 1.831 meters, Phnom Aural is considered as the roof of Cambodia in which the backpackers and trekkers come to challenge their trekking skills. This off-the-beaten-track summit is located in Aural Town, Kampong Speu District. Along the routes to the mountains, the explorers will pass by the Srae Kan Bei Village in the foot of the mountain. There you find the unpaved and twisting roads which trigger some challenges. Plus, the unexpected springs and deep water holes crossing the roads make it uneasy to reach the natural landmark. The Srae Kan Bei Village is also the ideal place for homestay. Ask the locals if they provide the homestay service to you.

After the homestay in the Khmer village, it’s best to start the day of adventure in the early morning. On the way to the foot of the Aural Mountain, you face the 8km flooded road in which the water level just reaches the knees. Getting through the spectacular hills, green fields, and dense forests, you obtain the authentic trekking experience in one of the most primitive areas in the world. When it comes to the height of 500m, the road becomes steeper and more thrilling with many trees. Make sure you dress appropriately to avoid being beaten by the insects and mosquitoes.

Continue the journey to conquer the height of 1.831 meters, and you are there, in the Aural Summit – the roof of the Kingdom of Cambodia. On the top of the mountain, there lies the small pagoda which enshrines some Buddha statues put there by the local pilgrims. In the local beliefs, Aural is the holy mountain for worshipping the Buddha. From the highest point of Cambodia, take opportunities to spread the eyes as far as possible and relish the dramatic panorama. If you are looking for a trekking tour to Phnom Aural, contact Indochina Charm Travel for Cambodia custom tours !

Trekking to Aural Mountain

Trekking to Aural Mountain

Trekking to Aural Mountain

The enthusiastic trekkers altogether form groups to explore the tallest peak in Cambodia. More and more pictures of their activities such as trekking route in groups, camping site, the wildlife in Aural, the streams, etc., have been being shared online. As it might take days to reach the summit, people enjoy the happy camping in the wild areas. Some even bring the hammocks to sleep in the jungles and relax well.

Essential Tips for Aural Mountain Trekking

The adventure might not be for everybody that comes unprepared. Therefore, know these tips before you trek to Aural Mountain Cambodia.

  • Ensure that you are well fit. Before the trekking trip, it’s best to do medical checkup or self-make sure that you are in the good health status. But if you get any medical problem on the trails, please let the trek leaders or any companion know.
  • Have the suitable schedule: You need to decide the duration of the adventure and inform your family member or friend of your plan so that they can support you in the case that any problem occurs.
  • Get all the essentials packed. During the trek, it’s vital to have clothing, foodstuff, waterproofed trekking boots, running shoes, sweater, cotton shirts, sun hat, and rain-gear with hood, torches, personal first-aid kit, and so on. Due to your plans, decide the essentials for the trekking tours in Cambodia.

The enthralling travel to Phnom Aural will turn to be the highly enjoyable memories that you keep until the old age. Trek there if you feel interested!

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