Mondulkiri is the mountainous province of Cambodia. It’s bordered by Kratie province (to the west), Stung Treng (to the northwest), Ratanakiri (to the north), and Vietnam country (to the east and south. Though the land area of Mondulkiri is very large, it is the most sparsely inhabited province in Cambodia. With the sparse population, Mondulkiri is most famous for its untamed nature and traditional villages that bring the tourists back in time effectively. So long as you’re looking for the peaceful shelter to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life, this rural destination is for you right. The waterfalls, forests, and culture of the remote land will please your physical and mental aspects.

Mondulkiri Tourist Destination – Know Before You Go

Mondulkiri gains fame for its forested hills as well as the spellbinding waterfalls. The charm of the land is showcased by the three most notable waterfalls including Bou Sra Waterfall (the largest waterfall that is made famous in Khmer song), Senmonorom Waterfall (the nice picnic spot), and Romnea Waterfall. The empowering showers in these powerful waterfalls are what many individuals need to regain the lost energy and relive as well. Along with that, the short excursions to the virgin forests are worth experiencing, and you will never forget to stay close to nature here.

Know that 80% of the population of Mondulkiri includes ten tribal minorities, and the majority of them are the Phnong. The remaining 20% are reported as the Khmer, Chinese, and Muslim Cham. The main economy of the countryside is the plantation of various fruit trees, vegetables, coffee, rubber, strawberries, etc. Hence, the tourists can expect to witness a widespread field of the lush fruit trees or the luxuriant vegetables – the matchless background for photographing. You can even try planting the trees.

In Mondulkiri, the tourists see the harmonious coexistence of Khmer and Phnong houses. Especially, the Phnong houses are featured with the large jars (which are told to be more than 1,000 years old), and the ancient gongs. The jars and gongs are some of the most precious possessions of the indigenous communities. People value them for the traditional, spiritual, and material aspects.

In a word, Mondulkiri is full of the natural charm that is made up with the thickly forested mountains, gigantic and beautiful waterfalls, deep pure jungle, and the abundant green rolling hills. Meanwhile, the tribal villages and houses are the great inspirations.

Mondulkiri Tourist Destination – Is It Worth A Go?

We assure you that Mondulkiri will fulfill your adventurous spirits via its gifted nature and the tribal uniqueness. It is surely worth a go! Whether you tour solo or with a companion, the natural inspirations of the land will never fail to attract all of the newcomers. While the powerful waterfalls wipe out your life trauma, the pure jungle empowers your spirit, and the evergreen serenity give you the peace of mind.

Also, you can communicate with the ethnic locals, learn their life values, and renew your life perspectives. Many guests agree that the remote area of Mondulkiri helps them avoid being hustled in the crowds. The bustle and hustle of city life have no role in Mondulkiri Cambodia Tours. Now, it’s your turn to get peace and comfort poured into your bodily system.

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