Siem Reap welcomes international gourmets coming to savor authentic Khmer fusions in a broad range of restaurants and dining places in the holy land. It’s easy to find the traditional Cambodian foods like amok (a yellow coconut curry, often cooked with fish), luk-lac (cubed beef wok-fried in sauce), etc. The restaurants in Siem Reap also serve Western and Asian cuisine.

A Glimpse of Dining Spots in Siem Reap

The French cuisine has the solid position in Siem Reap, being friendly with the traditional Khmer eateries. There are numerous dining spots scattered throughout the town, and the majority of them are gathered in the Pub Street and Old Market regions full of the budget, family-friendly, and upmarket dining venues. The Pub Street alleys are the ideal areas to travel and pick up the favorite restaurants or bars to fulfill the stomach.

Especially, the dinner dance performance is the biggest highlight in Siem Reap for connoisseurs to experience. While eating the delicious buffet with the generous set menu, you can also enjoy the Cambodian dance performance at night. Besides the French foods, tourists can expect to relish the Italian Pizza, Japanese food, Indian/South Asia dishes, Thai specialties, Vietnamese meals, etc.,

The Best Places to Eat in Siem Reap

So, where to eat in Siem Reap? The list of the dining venues in Siem Reap is long and attractive. In that sense, the new visitors need to go with some best references for the easy culinary experience.

Siem Reap Khmer Restaurant

For Khmer cuisine in Siem Reap, the local restaurants and café shops do offer the traditional home-style Khmer menus prepared with the distinctive ingredients. In some places, the Khmer dance performance is offered during the dining time for a complete culinary enjoyment just in Siem Reap. So, the most fantastic names to refer to are Alliance Café, Amok Restaurant, Angkor Herb Restaurant, Asana Old Wooden House, Asian Square Restaurant & Lounge, The Balcony, Bpha Taprom Restaurant, The Brothers Restaurant, Champey Restaurant, Damnak Khmer Restaurant, Khmer Family Restaurant, Full Moon Restaurant, etc. 

For the French foods in Siem Reap, there are some exquisite French restaurants and bars in the elegant style to delight the cocktail and wine lovers. If you feel like eating French foods in Siem Reap, just head towards Abacus Restaurant, Cassia Wine Bar – Restaurant, Charcoal Restaurant, L’Annexe French Cuisine, Le Bistrot de Siem Reap, Le Jardin, and Olive Cuisine de Saison. 

As noted, the dining venues in Siem Reap offer various food choices of some distinctive countries, not alone the Khmer fusions. Therefore, if at some moments that you want to relish some bits of Italian pizza, the good addresses should always be Belmiro’s Pizza & Subs, Ecstatic Pizza, Happy Angkor Pizza I & II, Happy Herb Pizza, The Pizza Company, The Red Tomato, and Kampucinno.

Siem Reap French Restaurant

What’s more, it’s interesting to eat the foods of India, Burma, Thai, Vietnam, Japan, and Mexico right in Siem Reap. Each of the restaurants is dedicated to some certain specialties that make you mouthwatering. The best way is to visit them in person to read out the menu. Anyhow, here are the best names to consider: Dakshin’s Restaurant, The Indian Restaurant, Taste of India, Chiang Mai Thai Food, Sawasdee Food Garden, Paris Saigon, Minglar Inn, The Hashi Japanese Restaurant, Sushi + Restaurant, and more. 

In summary, Siem Reap owns hundreds of excellent restaurants serving both Khmer fusion and international delicacies that guarantee you to feel happy throughout dining time.

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