More and more tourists make Siem Reap their holiday destination, which results in the ever-growing number of hotels and guesthouses to fulfill most tastes. Since you find no hotel in Angkor Archaeological Park, the new guests need to stay near or in Siem Reap town. There are some particular addresses for a sound sleep during your travel to Siem Reap.

An Overview of Hotels and Guesthouses in Siem Reap

Siem Reap Guesthouses

Within the Siem Reap town, the most favorite places to lay your head should always be the Old Market, Pub Street, and Sivutha road. As this town is quite small, most of the hotels and guesthouses are set near together; they are not further than a 5-10-minute tuk-tuk ride from the Old Market region.

There are numerous hotels scattered across the town, and in particular, there are four popular areas to notice: (1) The Old Market/Pub Street area with a broad range of hotels, dining, shopping, and nightlife venues; (2) Airport Road and along street to Angkor with some 3-and-4-star hotels; (3) Wat Bo and Taphul Village with the budget guesthouses; (4) On Sivutha Road with many mid-range hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

The average prices for boutique hotel rooms in Siem Reap should be from $50 to $300+ and for the 5-star accommodations may start at $220 (including Khmer and Western breakfast service). About the budget guesthouses, the charge runs as low as $3 – $20.

Beautiful Accommodation Addresses in Siem Reap

Siem Reap Luxury Hotels

So, where to stay in Siem Reap when you travel to this venue of old temples? Since there is no room for rent in the Angkor Archaeological Park, it’s critical to have a clear head about the good addresses to sleep when the sun goes down.

For the finest hotels in Siem Reap, you’re advised to check out the luxurious facilities and services in Alliance Boutique Villa, AMA Villa & Pool, Angkor Antique Tropic Hotel, Angkor Boutique Villa, Angkor Empire Boutique, Angkor Home Hotel, Angkor Grand Pleasure Hotel, Angkor Paradise Hotel, Angkor Village Resort & Spa, etc. To list out all of the hotels and guesthouses in Siem Reap, it will take pages for you to capture the highlights of each. Therefore, it’s ideal to get concerned about the best names only.

For the artistic and antique design with the authentic restaurants serving Khmer cuisine, Hanuman Alaya Boutique Hotel is the very attractive destination. And if you’re keen on the gorgeous Art Deco building, the FCC Angkor has plenty of French-style highlights to surprise you at an affordable cost. If running to the River Road in Siem Reap, you may be impressed by the green appearance of Belmond La Residence D’Angkor with the lush, leafy garden, the bamboo textiles, etc. Moreover, Sofitel Royal Angkor is the fantastic haven to enjoy spa and aromatherapy treatment, which make you hesitant to leave, while Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor is spotlighted with well-appointed rooms and opulent surrounding.

The suggested names of the hotels in Siem Reap above are all guaranteed to satisfy the holidaymakers from any angle of the world. You now can book the rooms online or directly call or email the hotel receptionists for room reservation. Via any channel, Siem Reap promises to offer an elegant room for you to relax and sleep soundly.

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