One destination that is rarely included in the Cambodia Tour Packages but very famous in the domestic belief for intact beauty, fresh setting, and the picturesque view is Yeak Laom Lake. It is a crater lake after the volcanic eruption around 4,000 years ago. Not only does this natural like stand out as a hot natural attraction, but it is also a spiritual venue of the Khmer. So if you’re seeking for an off-the-beaten-track and captivating “crater lake” that is also home to wildlife, then start a journey to Yeak Laom.

Where is Yeak Laom Lake?

The Yeak Laom Crater Lake is located deeply and peacefully in the protected area of Yeak Laom Commune, Banlung District, and Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. This area is honored by the Khmer who considers it sacred and mysterious with lots of mythologies. Not as famous as other places of interest in Cambodia such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, etc., Yeak Laom Lake impresses the travelers with the intact charm, romantic and photogenic landscape, and the interesting wildlife. Occupying the 4000-year-old volcanic crater, Yeak Loam Lake has the exceptionally clean and clear water.

The crater is measured as 48m deep and 800m in diameter, with the warm water. Surrounding the lake is the 2.5km trail. Waking along this trail in a slow pace helps to refresh the mind by sightseeing the sparkling water of the lake and the peacefully verdant jungle. Sometimes, you might meet the wild pigs and rare birds (such as eagles and parrots), and brightly colored butterfly around the lake area. In particular, the butterfly can have the large wingspan of 20cm.

Yeak Laom Lake Cambodia for Swimming and Bird Watching

Yeak Laom Lake Cambodia for Swimming and Bird Watching

Interesting Activities in Yeak Laom Cambodia

Let yourself be immersed in the pure, mythological, and beautiful nature of this lake. The romantic and gorgeous scenery, the fresh wind, and friendly Khmer are all praiseworthy highlights in Yeak Laom. The village stopover also offers great opportunities to experience the local hill-tribe lifestyle. Lots of cultural moments will be captured and noted down for the later reviews.

During the visit, travelers can expect to listen to some interesting folktales of the old Khmer about the formation of this crater. One of the most believable stories claimed that the origin of the “Yeak Laom” name was derived from the ancient minority’s language a long time ago. While “Yeak” meant “owner or the chief of the village,” “Laom” was the name of a former chief of that area at the time. So, in that sense, “Yeak Laom” was a respectful name to commemorate the sacred and honored nature of the ancient leader once ruled the local minority in a happy and harmonious way.

Along the lakesides are the harbors, so guests can enjoy swimming and having a picnic on the spot. Furthermore, there stands out the cultural center of Yeak Laom and some booths displaying the Khmer handicrafts, brightly colored fabrics, cute hand-made souvenirs, etc. In particular, this shelter is perfect for those that love swimming and hiking in the tropical forest surrounding the lake. Please note that there is no vendor around, it means visitors should bring their own food and beverages.

Next, Yeak Loam Lake Cambodia is just like a bird sanctuary that enables you to enjoy bird watching in a charming and authentic manner. The beautiful butterfly with the large wingspan might come to greet you, and take time to savor how the intact Nature could be. Then, try hiking in the old trail of 2.5km around the lake and discover what beauty is hidden in the verdant forest.

Yeak Laom ecotourism is a gem of Cambodia that offers the great swimming, wildlife watching, and cultural experiences to all guests. The visit is so refreshing and memorable that you might not find any more beautiful lake occupying a 4000-year-old volcanic crater than Yeak Laom.

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